Know About Accredited Online Construction Management Degrees

Would you like to pursue an online degree? You must be in search of information regarding the same. You are in luck. This post contains all the information that you could possibly need.

Before picking an online degree course, you have to choose an accredited institute which will ensure you receive an education of the highest quality. There are many accredited institutes providing online degrees in construction management. Through these, students will be able to obtain online degrees. Hands-on experience at local instruction sites that students can avail while pursuing such courses will really prove to be added advantage for them. To know more about obtaining an online construction management degree, just read on.

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construction management

Courses Offered By Everglades University

At Everglades University, students can pursue online Bachelor Of Science degree in Construction Management. The program focuses on the basics of the construction business and management capabilities needed to make graduates able to lead successful management careers in the construction field. On completion of this course, students will be equipped with a solid foundation in the construction industry. They will also be able to avail a well-rounded business, not to mention, management education. 123 credit hours are needed for completion of this course. The course covers the following

  • Construction Law
  • Building Codes
  • Managing construction projects
  • Construction contracts
  • Everglades University has been awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees since it received accreditation from the Commission On Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges And Schools.

Courses Offered By South University

An online Bachelor Of Business Administration degree is being offered by South University. Students can specialize in construction management. Students will be in a position to obtain a strong understanding of complex business strategies. The emphasis in these courses lies in the construction industry. Those who successfully complete this course become eligible to pursue entry-level positions in construction management. 180 credit hours are required for completion of this course. This is inclusive of 16 credits of construction management courses. The curriculum of the courses includes the following

  • Construction materials
  • Everglades University
  • Online Construction Management Degrees
  • Construction project management
  • Equipment and construction law
  • This university has received accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges And Schools to award degrees at the bachelor’s, associate, masters and doctoral degrees.

That ends this discussion on obtaining an online construction management degree. Make a wise choice for a safe and secure future.

Know About Construction Safety Gear##

The job of a construction worker is not the least bit easy. In fact, it is really dangerous. Some of the risks involved in this job include unstable footing, use of dangerous power tools and really hazardous working conditions. Utmost importance has to be given to safety. A supervisor has to be appointed to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites. To be aware of your surroundings is really important. Be careful of the potential dangers that are an inevitable part of construction jobs. Make sure your workers have the skills to work in really trying conditions. Only then, will there be a safe working environment?

Those who visit construction sites must not be allowed in unless they have proper safety gear. A knowledgeable worker must supervise them. All construction sites must have safety gear. This is meant to protect workers from the hazards of the work environment. Some potential dangers that lurk in construction sites include falling debris, processes, chemical hazards, or some other mechanical irritant. Given below are details about some construction gear.

Hard Hats

Workers must wear hard hats when they work in areas, as it is possible that they might injure their head because of falling or flying objects or even an electrical shock.

Safety Goggles or Masks

It is imperative that construction workers wear safety goggles or masks. This is dependent on the amount of facial area, which is exposed to danger. In construction sites, machines and processes could cause damage to the eye or face caused by chemical, physical or radiation agents.

Protective Boots

To wear boots keeps construction workers from common foot injuries on the construction site caused because of compression and puncture. To keep your feet well protected, the boots must have metal toes.

Ear Plugs/ Muffs

If workers are employed in construction sites that emanate a lot of noise, they must wear earplugs or muffs.

Dust mask or respirator

Hard Hats
About Construction Gear

One thing that is essential to ensure safety in a construction site is a dust mask or respirator, which prevents vapors, gas, fumes, solid particles, fumes, and other such contaminants from being inhaled by those employed on the site.

Safety Nets and Belts

Using safety belts, you can support up to 4,000 lbs. They will not break. There has to be a minimum ½ inch of nylon. These are perfect for falls that are less than 6 feet.

Workers on construction sites must possess the construction gear mentioned here to ensure their safety.

How Do Construction Loans Serve A Customer###

Construction loans are taken for the purpose of fulfilling the monetary requisites for a construction. There are two types of construction loans, i.e. construction-only loans, and construction-to-permanent mortgage loans. These two loans differ from each other in many ways.

Construction-Only Loan

Construction-only loans as the name suggests are for the purpose of construction only. The lender provides the loan for covering the cost of construction-only offers. It has to be repaid in a short span of time, usually a year, or soon after the construction is completed, or the constructed property is fit to be occupied by the borrower. When you take such a loan, you are allowed to avail another loan from another lender; if you want to pay the construction cost upfront, then you may later pay off the new loan at your convenience.

Construction-Only Loan Terms

When you take this type of loan the repayments are made with the interest-only repayments first, and the principal payments after. The principal balance can be repaid after the construction is complete. The due date for the principal balance never comes up before the project is complete

e. A draw schedule for the contractor combining the interest and the principal amount can be entered into with the contractor. This arrangement provides for the spreading out of the payments over the time of loan repayment.

Construction-to-Permanent Loan

In the construction-to-mortgage loan, you include the cost of the construction and the amount of the mortgage on the home.T he has two loans combined, so the closing cost of only one is required and this can be of high convenience. The interest rates of the two types of loans apply during the period of the combined existence of the two loans. Construction loan rates for construction are different from the interest rates of the home mortgage.

Construction-to-Permanent Loan Terms

cost upfront
construction loan terms

The initial payments are towards the interest amount, and the balance of the principal amount, along with the interest, is paid during the remaining period. During construction, you are required to pay higher construction loan rates, and after that, for the mortgage loan, you may get a favorable rate. For you to avail a loan of this type, you have to convince the lender of the viability of your construction, showing your plan for a future home and the payment schedule, and construction schedule, while filling out papers for a loan application.

These are some of the necessities you have to fulfill for getting a construction loan. Though there is some work involved before you actually get the loan in hand, it’ll be well worth the effort you expend.

How To Become A Construction Estimator##

The cost estimation part is very important before you begin any construction work. All calculations and spending depend on this approximate cost. A construction estimator prepares the construction estimate. He assesses and calculates different cost aspects involved in construction work including labor charges, material costs, etc. The construction industry is thriving and so are the construction estimators. Construction estimators get handsome salaries considering the importance of their work. If you are aspiring to become a construction estimator, then this article will certainly help you.

Learned the basics

The first step before you begin construction estimation is to understand the basics. These basics consist of physics, project management, computers, science, engineering technology, math, drafting, structures, time management, building codes, blueprints, etc. You also need to know the basics of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, which is also very important. Even though you may not require these at all times, it is necessary that you learn these basics as you will find these useful on various occasions.

Get experience

No matter how much you learn about construction estimation in classrooms, only hands-on experience can make you skillful in this field. In order to gain experience, search for a construction company and apply for an apprenticeship.

It is always advisable to do an apprenticeship in the best construction company in your state, as this will give you more exposure to the modern construction estimating works. In addition to this, you get to work in major projects in your state, and this will be an added advantage.

Get acquainted with estimating software

labor charges

buy estimating software

It is very important that you get to know the modern construction estimating software. Most companies make use of this software for their estimation works. They cut down the construction estimating time considerably. They are also simple to use and have a user-friendly interface so that you can carry out estimation works with more ease.

Companies expect you to have a basic knowledge of this construction estimating software before you join as an apprentice. So, download the demo versions or trial versions of any of this software from the internet. Install them on your computer and get a basic understanding of their working.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you can start your construction estimation career successfully. Keep in mind that the initial salary scale may be less; however, this increases with experience and your skill.

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